roasted cherry what?!

by think_likeafox

roasted cherry sangria

weird. i have an entire pinterest board dedicated to delicious and amazing looking cocktails, and have yet to include a single recipe or image on this blog. what the hell is wrong with me?

also… have you noticed that i’m a liar? because this is the THIRD post since i said i wouldn’t be around much. clearly i have nothing better to do with my time than annoy you fine folks with my nonsense. it’s like, i’ll kick you in the brain while i get kicked in the stomach – from the inside folks… don’t forget about that other project i started. 

i think everyone, at least once in their life, should try sangria. no, not that shit by arbor mist, it’s all sugar and artificial crap i don’t care what they say. traditional red or fancy schmancy white, you’re really doing yourself a favour when you pour yourself a glass of this awesome Spanish treat. (you’re also being multicultural – pat yourself on the back!)

obviously i love red wine, but growing up, i was not a fan of cherry flavoured things, probably because someone slipped me a cherry cordial before i understood the importance of liqueur-ing everything… thankfully my palate has matured and i want cherry flavoured everything! cherries in chocolate, ice cream, candy, cola, everything. so this recipe i found on foodie crush is right up my freaking alley. i’ll have to wait until summer to try it for obvious reasons but… other than sunshine and warmth, this just made summer 2014 that much better!

i’ll let you click over to her site for the recipe, because i’m so thoughtful… :).