raise your glass and enjoy

roasted cherry what?!

roasted cherry sangria

weird. i have an entire pinterest board dedicated to delicious and amazing looking cocktails, and have yet to include a single recipe or image on this blog. what the hell is wrong with me?

also… have you noticed that i’m a liar? because this is the THIRD post since i said i wouldn’t be around much. clearly i have nothing better to do with my time than annoy you fine folks with my nonsense. it’s like, i’ll kick you in the brain while i get kicked in the stomach – from the inside folks… don’t forget about that other project i started. 

i think everyone, at least once in their life, should try sangria. no, not that shit by arbor mist, it’s all sugar and artificial crap i don’t care what they say. traditional red or fancy schmancy white, you’re really doing yourself a favour when you pour yourself a glass of this awesome Spanish treat. (you’re also being multicultural – pat yourself on the back!)

obviously i love red wine, but growing up, i was not a fan of cherry flavoured things, probably because someone slipped me a cherry cordial before i understood the importance of liqueur-ing everything… thankfully my palate has matured and i want cherry flavoured everything! cherries in chocolate, ice cream, candy, cola, everything. so this recipe i found on foodie crush is right up my freaking alley. i’ll have to wait until summer to try it for obvious reasons but… other than sunshine and warmth, this just made summer 2014 that much better!

i’ll let you click over to her site for the recipe, because i’m so thoughtful… :).


one more night

phil collins – 1984

i’m emotionally involved with this song right now. seriously. don’t tell my bf, because he doesn’t know, and i feel like finding out this kind of thing is sort of jarring for a person.

not that he needs me to say, but phil collins is a f*cking legend. am i right? from no-name drummer to balding front man and then successful solo artist? yes. i don’t know why i haven’t featured more from genesis or collins on the blog. like paul simon, even the sad songs have a way of breaking through the dark clouds.

ugh. sentimental. gonna go stomp on some flowers to feel better now.

easy peasy lemon squeezy

Wine Cheat Sheet

i know i said i would be absent for awhile, but i came running across this awesome infographic (aside: how awesome are infographics? why haven’t we had these forever?) via bell’alimento, which is probably now my most favourite website (obviously, until i run across another website equally as awesome). when you want to sound smarter than the average bear, don’t shy away from a good old fashioned cheat sheet. technically, you’re still learning. and not just anyone can be a genius sommelier (actually, it looks like just anyone can be a genius sommelier so… live your dreams, folks!).

a little from column a

i'll take that with cheese

holy crap where the fuck have i been?

clearly not drinking wine or eating cheese. not significant amounts to share, at any rate.

i did try a beautiful rose tonight, not sweet like most but with a flavour like a light red, full bodied. everyone else at the table said “ugh, bitter, i no like!” but pfft i think they were expecting that, with such a light colour, the flavour wouldn’t be so intense. this was at pizzeria defina in toronto, btw. they’re going to be adding it to the menu. i think they do tastings every wednesday so… head over! i had the “honey” pizza, definitely more of a dessert or lunch plate, but… i dunno… it was that or the margherita pizza (my f*cking FAVE) and i thought, when in rome… or rome adjacent? rome-esque? when in an italian restaurant?

it’s at this point i’m supposed to promise to blog more often and that i’ll be around and blah blah blah but the honest to god truth is, as much as i do love blogging (clearly) i just don’t have the time / heart for it, nor do i have the fodder for posts. there’s a reason, but not one i’m willing to mention here.

so i’ll mention it here! (sorry for that shameless personal plug). i’m embarking on a new journey and, while i’ll always be partial to whan and cheez, and i’m guaranteeing i’ll be back, right now i’m calling out my hiatus.

for those of you who’ve stuck around, thanks for following, and i hope you stay, because the terrible fuckery will be back eventually (when it doesn’t make me a horrible person).

keep in touch?

think pink

les fumees blanches rose whan and cheezBrand: Les Fumées Blanches (France)

Type: Rosé

Year: 2012

the lcbo is ripe with rosé right now, i want to try them all. it’s the colour, so delicate and pretty. even at $18.95, i’m in love.

i guess i go through my phases.

these pretty pinks are so tempting, last time i was there i picked up six PBRs and a bottle from france (we do things real fancy-like at my pad). it was a toss up between two, but the price was right ($11.95), the label is art-y – and i’m a sucker for a good label. even the vineyard description is captivating… Read the rest of this entry »

pick it up

white wine lucky penny whan and cheezBrand: Lucky Penny (South Eastern Australia)

Type: Chardonnay, Viognier and Pinot Grigio

Year: 2011

i wish i could say the sun was shining and the weather is sweet, but alas… in toronto, it rains and you still need a jacket when you leave the house in the morning. will it turn for the better by late afternoon? who can be sure?

i’m ready to be active again, to get outside and do stuff. any old stuff will do.

when i’m not busy behind the computer (all the time) i’d like to be lazy on a beach somewhere, working on my summer reading list. i slowly made my way through the raw shark texts – highly recommend that… am almost done with in cold blood, it’s taken me literal months… and next something interesting by a christopher moore.

the closest i get to the beach is my backyard patio furniture, and when i think about it i try to spend at least a half hour a day out there with a good book, attempting to even out the horrible tan lines i got from walking around high park that first really great summer sunday (that devolved into fall over a matter of days).  Read the rest of this entry »


the verve pipe – 1992

maybe it’s the incredible weather we’re finally having, or i’m suffering some kind of lesion to the brain… but i’m feeling nostalgic for my formative years. the parachute pants. the bleach-fried blond hair. the semi-emo alt rock and short black nails. dare i even say high school? (i darent.) i flipped through an old folder of cds reminiscing, looking for saturday mornings and rick dees.

this song has an interesting history. originally released in 92 as an acoustic version, it was re-released twice more – once as a single, then attached to their album villains. i remember liking them enough to buy the first album, then saving my “allowance” for the second… i’m not sure i was all that impressed with the second go around. i’ve dusted it off and popped it in the computer, so we’re about to find out.

i can’t find the original video for this song. i don’t want to see your fucking lyrics videos. no covers. no live performances. i just. want. the original! if you have / know where it is, link it, please? i’ll be your best friend forever!

stuck with you


huey lewis & the news – 1986

it’s not so much how creepy everyone is, it’s really how silver and huge that fucking dress is. do you see it? look at that thing! of course, more material now means less material later, somehow… but that’s the magic of an 80s wardrobe department.

i often wonder how well i would fare on a deserted island. would i go all “wilson!” or would i swiss family robinson that shit? the world will never know.

also… you had me at “yacht”.



What is it with people getting older and, like, growing up? I’m fighting off adulthood with both hands.

I was home last week for a wedding. I don’t get invited to many… most of my close friends are around the world and I’m not bringing in the king of scratch that could take me all over the place (yet, she says hopefully). But she’s a good friend and I wouldn’t have missed it.

Read the rest of this entry »


little river band – 1978

how has it taken me so long to post this? i’ve searched the blog… doesn’t look like it’s on here…

you could probably say this was the beginning of my love affair with australian musicians.

this video isn’t the best quality. it wasn’t my first pick. but the other one has “we want john back” plastered on the bottom, and some less than nice comments. you’re entitled to your opinion but, seriously? if his voice makes you want to punch him in the face… why the fuck would you keep listening?

okay, so the band kind of fell apart during the john years (80s)… but they came back together with glenn in the 90s. see? it all works out.

of the two singers to perform this with LRB… i prefer john here. he is “the voice” after all. so GOOD. glenn shorrock is great, his voice is smoky and full of character. but… i’ve got to give it to john.