pink is synonymous with summer time

by think_likeafox

bandol la cadierennebrand: la cadierenne

wine: rose

year: 2015

it’s been a long time. isn’t that ridiculous? i keep lying about getting back to this and then i don’t. ridiculous. what’s kept me so long?

parenting. parenting and partnering. and if you don’t know, though both can be mutually exclusive, they are quite similar, in that while they can both be equally fulfilling, they are equally frustrating and exhausting. case in point, my slumbering toddler just rolled herself off her bed mattress on the floor beside my mattress on the floor and is intermittently crying. she does not sleep well, ergo, i do not sleep well. it’s a thing that happens here and frankly, saps my strength and desire to keep up with my many, many exploits.

but it has not stopped me from what appears to be a mom right of passage, which is enjoying wine in all it’s heady, expensive glory. so yes, the good news is, motherhood has in no way dampened my love affair with the delicate grape. it has change my capacity, however, which means where i used to down a bottle i’m now good for about a glass or two at most. though this isn’t always a negative thing. frankly, you’re more likely to take the time to enjoy what you’re sipping when you know there isn’t going to be much of it, and for the last few months i have definitely been enjoying the hell out of some fine wines.

i won’t bore you with the details, but my family recently moved from the hustle and bustle of downtown (ish) toronto to a sleepy small town an hour east – it literally feels like walking into a stephen king book, which shouldn’t surprise you seeing as part of the new adaptation of his classic horror ‘it’ was filmed down the street from our house. at first, this was pretty exciting news for me. but the reality was, it caused a lot of anxiety for me, and i didn’t want to go through the area because… i dunno… i didn’t like it. our little quiet haven was the center of attention for a week – the week we moved in no less – and it was awful.

regardless. that’s over and done with and our quiet and tired little town is back to it’s sleepy state and i can walk down the street without fear of bumping into some extra or set worker who’s going to yell at me for no reason.

i took a rare solo walk down the street this afternoon to puck up a take out pizza and grab a bottle of wine. i don’t know how it’s been for you all but here it’s been crazy hot, and though i should be used to it by now, the sweltering temperatures have got me beat. we still have so much to figure out and put away, we’re walking through mazes of boxes and stuff it’s a freaking disaster area in our house. every now and then – now and then being the operative word but if we’re being honest it’s more like every night or at least every other – a nice, chilled glass of white or rose are a perfect counter balance to a day full of unpacking, sorting, storing and tossing.

last year we went to alberta to visit my brother and his family and while there we spent a night in banff, just for the hell of it. the other half wanted to snowboard and i wanted to not snowboard so he went and i spent the day with my mom and the little person. but that night we hit up a well known and well respected steak joint. we both like a good steak. i asked the waiter for the rose, and darn if he didn’t respond with. “it’s not like ernst and julio galo”.

DUDE. i may have a toddler but don’t you dare think this is my first time at the rodeo. annoyed to say the least. YEAH. I GET IT. I LIKE MY ROSE DRY. fucker. i’ll never forget that insult as long as i live. cut to today, i’ve got a bottle of gato negro and this beautiful pink in hand and the cashier asks if i have id. ME? REALLY? I DON’T KNOW, BUT IF I DO YOU CAN HAVE IT. HAVE ALL OF IT.

what is it about my asking for rose that makes me seem like a youngun’? not that i’m complaining about being carded, because obviously please, card me. make me feel young! this toddler is ageing me faster than the presidency of the united states. *ba-dum ching!*

so i paired a french bandol with a cheap ass extra large sausage mushroom and green pepper pizza and you know what? that worked. anything would have probably worked but the back of the bottle said something about cheese and i thought, pizza has cheese so that has to count for something.

i don’t like sweet wines. sweet wines, like rioja, gerwurztraminer and moscato give me a headache. bubbly gives me a headache too, which is disappointing because i used to love a good flute of sparkling. i still love mimosas… with pineapple juice? best friends for life.

image1 (1)

i’m so in love with a dry rose that i will do my absolute best to consume an entire bottle TO MYSELF in a single sitting. which is what i seem to have done tonight. that is basically the result of my two and a half year old now refusing to nap (and me being to exhausted to fight her for hours) and finally allowing me to put her to sleep around 8, 830, maybe even 9. mostly she’s asleep by 10, 11 and i have no life. usually i’m the only one that can get her to sleep too, so… that’s a bit of a stressful thing. we’re really working on her though, but it’s tough. this would be why mother’s – good and bad – need so much wine. it’s like mom energy. mom-ergy! or something. i’m tired.

what i’d like to do now is give you the legs on that wine, or explain what it tastes and smells like, but to be honest, i’m sitting here with my head propped against the wall and typing in the dark. does this sentence make dollars and sense? gee, i hope so, though i had to open my eyes to make sure i’d spelled ‘gee’ right. though we try our hardest to enjoy different types of wine, mostly from ontario now (especially since our visit and wine tour of some of prince edward county’s best and brightest – a story for another time), i don’t get much time to actually savor them, since i’m usually either in the middle of cooking or trying to wrangle a child and three cats and a husband who acts like a child. i know i’m not alone in that boat.

that nonsense aside, for a “summer sipper”, as billed by the lcbo, this pretty french label is definitely worth the money you’ll spend on it, especially if you aren’t into sweet to the point of cavity wines. it won’t replace a pink moscato (bankrock station does a nice pink moscato if that’s what you’re into, and pele island has a sparkling rose called lola that has a gorgeous label but i’m not willing to splurge on it because of my aforementioned love-hate relationship with bubbly). an all together pleasing bottle of wine.

as much as i’d like to sit here and dish some more about the amazingness of this wine, i do have to reposition my daughter on her bed and then follow suit as i’m tired af. it’s good to be back, and i hope i can keep the gaps fewer and farther between this time..