don’t stop me now

by think_likeafox


queen – 1979

the other day it really hit me (rather depressingly) that this man does not saunter the earth any more, gracing us with his spandex-ed, epic moustache owning, singularly amazing presence, and that he didn’t pass that talent on. (unless he did, and i / the rest of the world know nothing of it?) what a f*cking shame.

i didn’t know this (and, honestly, correct me if i’m wrong) but apparently the idea behind queen was experimental – let’s slap a bunch of classically trained opera performers together and see what they can do with rock & roll. if it’s true, then “duh, isn’t it obvious?” if it’s not true, i feel like it should be. (i’m going to take it at face value and not do any research. i’m a rebel!) bohemian rhapsody is one of my all-time favourite songs (and yes, i picture wayne and garth rocking out in the hugo) and it is completely operatic and dramatic.

my two cents? today’s performers can’t hold a candle to this. sure, they’re getting girls to puke paint onto canvas, slutting up midgets and shitting on each other on stage (not literally, verbally), but i don’t think today’s music even remotely holds the kind of legendary je ne sais quois that keeps queen songs on every dj’s list of requests. what was that last song gaga put out? you forgot already? of course you did. but bicycle race? everyone in the bar knows that one.