food comas

by think_likeafox

valentine roses | whanandcheez

clearly, that is not a photo of food, and, unless you’re my asshole cat, you should never consider a multicoloured bouquet of roses any kind of meal substitute. i digress.

so it’s valentine’s day… or at least it was valentine’s day yesterday and these pretty petals were part of my present. (alliteration. you must love it.) they double as a diy project – we’re going to dry them and them into a garland a la some pinterest post i saw. i’m really fond of the yellow and peach ones – they’re so full, i hope they dry well.

unlike so many other people, we kind of winged this “special day.” reservation? who the hell needs one of those? whatever. one restaurant? fuck that. let’s bar hop. but substitute “restaurant” for “bar” and you’ve got yourself a good time. and my latest favourite thing.

crazy boy roll, moong | whanandcheez

restaurants grow on trees in this neighborhood, which suits me just fine. (if you read this blog, like… at all, you’ll know how much i love them.) i didn’t really take advantage of the last neighborhood – expect me to go back – but come summer, i plan on regularly marching up and down this strip to try everything at least once.

our v-day experience started with an appetizer at the sushi joint not five minutes from our house (yes, i still indulge in sushi). you don’t really realize how important proximity to good sushi is until you don’t have it. moong (japanese fusion) is tiny – i think maybe 7 or 8 tables, plus a bar. and it’s *nice*. and the maki is good. i love their special rolls, anything deep fried, tempura-fied, and spicy. i can’t wait to go h.a.m. on the sashimi. it’s tough to choose from their list but we had the crazy boy roll, which is simply a deep fried california roll. there isn’t much better than a fresh sushi roll, warm and buttery… omg i need it now.

wood stove pizza, vannis | whanandcheez

next up on this impromptu culinary adventure, vannis for pizza and a single glass of wine (a farnese montepulcianomolto buona). for me, the best part about this pizza / pasta restaurant is it shares a common wall with another pizza / pasta restaurant. (this google maps image is old, but the other restaurant is part of the same building, they just have different coloured façades. i don’t know why that tickles me so, but it does.)

they’re going for authentic, boasting a wood-burning stove. while i’ve never been to a restaurant in italy, i guess they’re achieving their goal? the crust had good texture and was a little sweet (i’ll take some dinner with my suger, thanks) but along with the grilled chicken on this “customer favourite”, they added goat cheese and roasted red peppers. i have to say, as much as i love goat cheese, i could do without it on pizza. life lessoned learned.

at this point, we’re thankful it’s only -1 out (it’s like the weather and the day colluded to create something almost perfect), because we desperately need the walk. we pass by a handful of either packed or completely empty establishments, which makes me wonder what the rest of the city is doing to celebrate this hallmark holiday. in general, we’re a pretty affectionate couple and i don’t need an excuse to give presents, but i’m not gonna hate on a day that allows me to be a little extra cheesy (ha! pizza joke…).

housemade tirimisu, stazione | whanandcheez

our saga ends with dessert (because, even though the thought of splitting sliders or a pulled pork sandwich was tempting, i literally couldn’t fit anything else in my belly) at stazione, another italian eatery (this neighborhood was apparently considered the original little italy in toronto, which explains the proliferation of the cuisine… maybe?), where the boy discovered not all coffees are made equal.

of all three, stazione was probably my fave from the evening. the waitress was incredible friendly, and the atmosphere is perfect for romance – small, candle lit (with a wall mounted fireplace), great acoustics, large plate glass windows and doors that probably let in amazing levels of light during the day. no need to look at the menu (we did, and we will be heading back for a full meal), we were recommended the housemade tirimisu. it took awhile to get to us but it was fucking worth the wait. the cake was light, airy; the cream was perfectly rich and sweet, i could have just a bowl of it with fresh fruit.

all in all, i’d say my first vd in almost 10 years was pretty successful. i hope yours were as delicious. they weren’t? steal my idea tomorrow. your stomach can thank me for it later.