a little from column a

by think_likeafox

i'll take that with cheese

holy crap where the fuck have i been?

clearly not drinking wine or eating cheese. not significant amounts to share, at any rate.

i did try a beautiful rose tonight, not sweet like most but with a flavour like a light red, full bodied. everyone else at the table said “ugh, bitter, i no like!” but pfft i think they were expecting that, with such a light colour, the flavour wouldn’t be so intense. this was at pizzeria defina in toronto, btw. they’re going to be adding it to the menu. i think they do tastings every wednesday so… head over! i had the “honey” pizza, definitely more of a dessert or lunch plate, but… i dunno… it was that or the margherita pizza (my f*cking FAVE) and i thought, when in rome… or rome adjacent? rome-esque? when in an italian restaurant?

it’s at this point i’m supposed to promise to blog more often and that i’ll be around and blah blah blah but the honest to god truth is, as much as i do love blogging (clearly) i just don’t have the time / heart for it, nor do i have the fodder for posts. there’s a reason, but not one i’m willing to mention here.

so i’ll mention it here! (sorry for that shameless personal plug). i’m embarking on a new journey and, while i’ll always be partial to whan and cheez, and i’m guaranteeing i’ll be back, right now i’m calling out my hiatus.

for those of you who’ve stuck around, thanks for following, and i hope you stay, because the terrible fuckery will be back eventually (when it doesn’t make me a horrible person).

keep in touch?