think pink

by think_likeafox

les fumees blanches rose whan and cheezBrand: Les Fumées Blanches (France)

Type: Rosé

Year: 2012

the lcbo is ripe with rosé right now, i want to try them all. it’s the colour, so delicate and pretty. even at $18.95, i’m in love.

i guess i go through my phases.

these pretty pinks are so tempting, last time i was there i picked up six PBRs and a bottle from france (we do things real fancy-like at my pad). it was a toss up between two, but the price was right ($11.95), the label is art-y – and i’m a sucker for a good label. even the vineyard description is captivating…

“Les Fumées Blanches” takes its name from the light morning mists which drift like white smoke over foothill vineyards in Southern France

reads like some kind of romance novel, doesn’t it?

unfortunately… it wasn’t the torrid love affair i was hoping for (on my tongue…). it’s a little too sweet, and a little too syrupy for me to be refreshing. of course, i could have added a few ice cubes or some spritzer to break it down. blasphemy! i know, but hear me out! sometimes you have to cut it to enjoy it.

and honestly, when it’s that sweet, i have a hard time pulling out the different flavours.

the description claims:

Nose: The nose has intense charming and delicate aromas, with notes of red currant, white flowers, pink grapefruit.
Palate: The palate is equally enjoyable. It has a nice balance between sweetness and vivacity. Aromas of small red berries associated with some citrus notes illuminate our palate finish.

so, the nose is sweet, to be fair. it’s inviting. right now i honestly couldn’t tell the difference between the current/flowers/grapefruit and my chewable vitamins (i’ve had too much soy sauce) but it’s nice. but for for some reason i want to yell, “who are you to tell me the palate is equally enjoyable? you don’t know me!” irrational? perhaps. however, it’s a lesson in not taking one’s words as gospel. because berries and citrus? i just couldn’t get past the sweet to tell they were there at all.

is this an indication that i’m completely unrefined? i think my track record speaks for itself. (note to self: delete any record of poor decisions in the past.)

would i buy it again? i think so, especially if planning on pairing, or pouring into some sangria concoction.  what i’m trying to say is… you try it. tell me what you think.