pick it up

by think_likeafox

white wine lucky penny whan and cheezBrand: Lucky Penny (South Eastern Australia)

Type: Chardonnay, Viognier and Pinot Grigio

Year: 2011

i wish i could say the sun was shining and the weather is sweet, but alas… in toronto, it rains and you still need a jacket when you leave the house in the morning. will it turn for the better by late afternoon? who can be sure?

i’m ready to be active again, to get outside and do stuff. any old stuff will do.

when i’m not busy behind the computer (all the time) i’d like to be lazy on a beach somewhere, working on my summer reading list. i slowly made my way through the raw shark texts – highly recommend that… am almost done with in cold blood, it’s taken me literal months… and next something interesting by a christopher moore.

the closest i get to the beach is my backyard patio furniture, and when i think about it i try to spend at least a half hour a day out there with a good book, attempting to even out the horrible tan lines i got from walking around high park that first really great summer sunday (that devolved into fall over a matter of days). 

and of course, when i’m outside, under our giant tree, basking in the gifts of nature, i love to have a nice glass of wine with me. lately i’ve been drinking a lot of beer, which i think i should probably put a stop to. why? i think mah ladies know why, hint hint. not that i don’t enjoy beer… although i almost never finish a bottle/tall boy/pint.

also, the ritual of wine. right?

over the past month or so i’ve had some really good wine. usually out and about. i’m drawn again to the beautiful hue and delicate flavours of rose, trying one at every bar i hit up. every now and then i’ll lower my standards for a zinf, but i prefer to pick something fancy from a continent that isn’t north america.

and i’ve been revisiting my favourite haunts, namely fat cat wine bar and 416 snack bar. fat cat is really close to the house, so an easy walk when you’re too lazy to go too far, and just the right distance when you’re too drunk to transit and don’t want to take a cab. the staff can seem a little distant but they’re always on the ball when you have a question, and i like the snacks. 416 is a lot farther and easily overwhelming – it’s almost a hole in the wall with shared tables and finger foods only. (you know it’s a “hipster” joint because they haven’t even sprung for a domain name…) they have an impressive selection.

i also tried a dedicated wine bar with a good friend of mine. midfield seems really laid back but has a high-brow waiter who correctly pronounces the french words on the bottle. i don’t care how you say it, just put it in a glass and give it to me! regardless of feeling like an inferior species, i can guarantee i’m going to go back. why? i think i’m a glutton for punishment. or wine. you decide.

i’ve also dropped some dollars on some disappointing bottles for the house, like a french unoaked chard from the vintages section of the lcbo. why would i do that? take my advice. if a waitress asks you “would you like the 6 or the 9 ounce glass?”, you say 6. every time.

mostly i justify my purchases as mini celebrations. getting through the day is something to celebrate, really… there are great $8 wines out there, and i recently picked up two bottles from the wine rack for $20 (a good deal but sub par wines). somehow it just doesn’t feel like a celebration unless it’s over $12.

it’s probably the packaging, but this lucky penny jumped out at me. the label is clean and simple, drawing the eye where it needs to be. the red looks equally tantilizing and i can’t wait until i get paid again so i can bring that one home to try too. i’m not usually a fan of combinations but i didn’t know it was until after the fact and by then i was already hooked. and when i got it home i noticed the scratch and sniff panel on the back! crazy, right?

i really liked this wine, its fresh and clean. i couldn’t distinguish the different flavours, but i’ve been destroying my palate with bbq for the last month and a half (i will burn the shit out of anything) so i’m not surprised. i’m trying to get myself back to a good place. the website says:

Lucky Penny White is made of Chardonnay, Viognier and Pinot Grigio. Three aromas and flavours jump out of the glass; pear notes come from Pinot Grigio, honey from the Chardonnay, and the Viognier adds a touch of apricot. Combined, the blend achieves the perfect balance of crisp, fresh fruit flavour and creamy rounded texture that leaves you wanting more.

i definitely want more… in fact, it’s my new favourite. although, it is $16.95, so i’m going to have to do a lot of justifying…

and since i’ve been so absent, what with needing to attend art shows and the odd, mild-mannered afternoon traipsing through forests… enjoy this photographic attempt at distraction!