by think_likeafox

the verve pipe – 1992

maybe it’s the incredible weather we’re finally having, or i’m suffering some kind of lesion to the brain… but i’m feeling nostalgic for my formative years. the parachute pants. the bleach-fried blond hair. the semi-emo alt rock and short black nails. dare i even say high school? (i darent.) i flipped through an old folder of cds reminiscing, looking for saturday mornings and rick dees.

this song has an interesting history. originally released in 92 as an acoustic version, it was re-released twice more – once as a single, then attached to their album villains. i remember liking them enough to buy the first album, then saving my “allowance” for the second… i’m not sure i was all that impressed with the second go around. i’ve dusted it off and popped it in the computer, so we’re about to find out.

i can’t find the original video for this song. i don’t want to see your fucking lyrics videos. no covers. no live performances. i just. want. the original! if you have / know where it is, link it, please? i’ll be your best friend forever!