by think_likeafox

little river band – 1978

how has it taken me so long to post this? i’ve searched the blog… doesn’t look like it’s on here…

you could probably say this was the beginning of my love affair with australian musicians.

this video isn’t the best quality. it wasn’t my first pick. but the other one has “we want john back” plastered on the bottom, and some less than nice comments. you’re entitled to your opinion but, seriously? if his voice makes you want to punch him in the face… why the fuck would you keep listening?

okay, so the band kind of fell apart during the john years (80s)… but they came back together with glenn in the 90s. see? it all works out.

of the two singers to perform this with LRB… i prefer john here. he is “the voice” after all. so GOOD. glenn shorrock is great, his voice is smoky and full of character. but… i’ve got to give it to john.