by think_likeafox


apparently, i have a lot of free time on my hands.

i say that because i can’t stop creating websites. my latest is a project for photographers from my home world (to start), a platform and a place for them to submit their work, get feedback from photographers in the industry, and learn something (she says, hopefully).

it’s called “the editorialists and i’m kind of proud of the look. i’m still working on the functionality, i learn how to do a little bit more every day. like, today, at work, i learned some css. in practice, it’s not as scary as it looks.

i created this site because i love photography. i wish i were better at it! and i really wanted to do something to support the burgeoning industry at home. that, i think, is what i’m most passionate about. helping people who are passionate.

if you know anyone or are someone who might be interested in sharing their editorial work (that has either never been featured online or only been featured in limited run), feel free to send me an email. you can also find us on facebook and twitter.