started from the bottom

by think_likeafox


drake – 2013

i don’t post a lot of new music because it doesn’t speak to me. and i wouldn’t necessarily call myself a fan of drake – his lyrics might be poetic (and make some kind of sense) but the monotonic quality of his singing voice sort of grates at part of my brain. i’d never drop dollars to see him in concert (or hang around the yorkville area hoping to catch a glimpse) but i’ve dl’d one or two (maybe just one, “successful“) of his songs and don’t skip past them when they come up on my playlist.

but “started from the bottom”, by virtue of location, is now part of my anthem. thank you, you weird faced man-boy who started out as the wheelchair kid in that television show for teenagers i never watched. you really speak for all ex-shoppers drug mart employees who started at the bottom. (crip walk.)

‘course, i don’t have a white rolls or a private jet or anything, but i see it on the horizon. if i squint… and pretend (because, clearly, that shit belongs to someone else.)