by think_likeafox


guys… guys!


out of breath.

and full of chocolate.

i’m on my phone too much trying out new apps and shit. i’m sure you’ve all heard of the lastest one. vine. it’s twitter. video. taking the social media world BYSTORM. people can’t stop talking about it. look, see? we’re talking about it right now.

i like the choppy videos, they’re a bit like guy ritchie films… or traffic. everyone’s a director!

but. it’s a new platform and there are bugs to be worked out (ew bugs!). it took instagram decades to get their profiles online (months, but it felt like decades) so we can expect to be living in the dark ages with vine for a bit. also, have you noticed how hosted blogs refuse to let you embed iframe? yes. youtube is iframe but other stuff just doesn’t post. it’s not supported. which means i jumped through youtube hoops to post that six second, art nouveau vid of my cat. (we’re so interesting.) (and it really only took seconds. probably six of them.)

there are already a handful of blog posts detailing how to get this stuff done though. build it and the bloggers with instructions will come!

let’s indulge in this generation of shameless over-sharing together.