only the lonely

by think_likeafox

The Motels – 1982

it was a toss up between this song and debarge’s “who’s holding donna now” (1985).

I don’t know what it was about tonight, but mediocre tequilla drinks (sorry… mezcal…insert jerk off hand motion here) or some kind of deep thought brought on by the slush and dreary weather of mid winter in Toronto has got me contemplating shit. this can be the best or the worst place for a writer to be, depending on their ability to work through the confusion and see some kind of light at the end of the tunnel, baring there is a light, of course.

i’ve been listening to 80s music all day, and it’s funny, because a friend of mine asked me if i were to talk about the music i rememered from my childhood, from growing up,what would be the songs that most resonated with me. and it definitely wasn’t the garbage of backstreet boys and n*sync (although i love me some kevin richardson, mm’kay), but third eye blind, everclear (‘member them? holy shit…) and the bands from the 80s i can vividly recall hearing from the back of my parents car, when cars still  had ash trays built into the handles on the doors and most people filled them with gum wrappers and other such detritus.

They say at some point in your teenage years you break away from your parents and discover yourself through the music of your generation but somehow i got lost in a generation behind mine and i can’t stop surrounding myself with the sounds of music made before i was old enough to know what it was. it’s all i want to listen to, and i hope that one day if i’m lucky enough to have little brats of my own they’ll in some way or other turn out like me.

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