bonne fête

by think_likeafox

hangover coffee at utopia

January is eventful pour moi. Forget New Years. There are so many birthdays. Last week I got a little wiser and we had a few people over to celebrate. Champagne, dinner at The Ace & homemade mint chocolate chip cupcakes (also, zucchini bread & oatmeal ice cream), some time at the spa, a little pointless spending (I picked up a cloche for my air plant at Chapters, I’ve been looking for a reasonably priced one forever – you’d be surprised at how expensive they are, even at second hand and vintage stores…), and lots and lots of wine.

This week we got together for my friend’s milestone and we did what we could to do the damn thing. Dinner and drinks at Nirvana, then some dirty dancing at The Dance Cave. (Although drinks are $3.50 before 11 30 – meaning everyone had at least four tiny plastic tumblers in front of them at one point or other – that place is an exercise in patience. I’m always one second away from punching some drunk, sloppy bitch in the kidneys.)

The best part, however, was brunch at Utopia. I’m always looking forward to coffee, but it’s never better than when you’re hungover. There wasn’t anything spectacular about their brew but somehow it was just fantastic. I topped it off with a heaping platter of scrambled eggs (why don’t mine ever taste like that?), bacon, and grilled egg bread. Breakfast is always better when someone else makes it for you. Then a little dark chocolate parcel hiding two types of mousse at Dessert Trends & Bistro. It’s a “delightfully” classy little café with an incredible dessert counter. I should have asked for one of each. Who would judge me? No one, that’s who. Because it’s my party and I’ll eat too much sugar if I want to…