by think_likeafox


don mclean – 1971

i’m sure i’ve said this before, and i’m guaranteed to say it again about other songs, but “vincent” is one of my all-time favourites. if you don’t know (although you should) it’s an ode to that famed, earless artist vincent van gogh. it’s a beautiful song. shut everything else off and out, and listen to it.

in other news. we watched django unchained tonight. holy shit. let’s start off with the fact that it’s well done. it’s tarantino, so you expect it to maintain a certain level of greatness. gore, blood, violence… yes. all there. check.

it was so hard to watch… for whatever reason i stayed away from all of the promo material, so i had no idea what i was getting into. maybe i wouldn’t have been so shocked. i remember saying maybe 45 minutes into the movie, “i’m ready for this to be over.” not because blood just flies everywhere. but the “slavesploitation“… i think i may have nightmares of men being ripped apart by dogs. at least the screams will haunt me.

they’re all so incredible in it, each and every one of them. and i can’t help but wonder how they felt about tossing that word around. as professionals, it’s probably nothing. but as people… i’d ask that, if i had a chance to talk to them. did you feel bad? but they must have really believed in the movie, and the message.

actually, i’m not sure how i feel about this movie. i think i need to do some research, i want to understand the underlying themes. isn’t that just like a great movie, to entice you to learn?