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by think_likeafox

i read a lot of really cool, interesting shit online on a daily basis. you guy should read some of this stuff. i’m sure you’re all probably reading some pretty great stuff too, but i want you to read what i’m reading (i’m self-important that way). since you’re probably not following me on twitter (why the hell aren’t you following me on twitter?), imma just post links to some of the articles i read here.

go forward and learn more!

(also, yay that we’re not all dead! next prophecy, please.)

cowards are blackmailing young women to death over the internet (vice)

Next to a close-up shot of the face of a woman—who appears to be in her early 20s—someone wrote, “This girl has issues with her parents they’re abusive and stuff. If pics got out it’d be bad for her since she just recently lost her paid internship. Stuff to leverage against her.”

when i was 12 or 13 i was a good kid. good enough that my high school teachers would let  my friends and i spend our lunch breaks on the internet instead of getting fresh air with the rest of the dick bags. we had email accounts, we found chat rooms, for fuck sakes i was email pen pals with an american radio dj who hosted a late night show i listened to all the time. i didn’t know any better, and i didn’t understand why my mom was so pissed when she read an email from a dude who called me foxy. she was mad, but she was scared. the fear was real back then, and it keeps getting worse. i feel like shit for the girls that are growing up today. there are predators out there, slouched over the keyboards and drooling on their screens, coming up with ways to ruin girls lives for their own perverse pleasure.how do you stop them? do we need a couple thousand lisbeth salanders to smoke them out and make them suffer?

bodies of “in cold blood” killers exhumed (live science)

i went to the second hand book store and picked up a copy of truman capote’s “in cold blood” to read a master’s work. i watched the movie (philip seymour hoffman was excellent). i wonder how capote would feel knowing the saga continues, or if maybe he knew about it?

i always dreamed of working for the FBI. is it too late?

why worry about mayan “apocalypse”? after all, bad things happened before (toronto star)

i think the very smallest part of me worried the mayan prophecy would come to pass. for the most part, i think we put too much stock in these things. of course, with what science has been saying the last few years, and the obvious changes in environment and the atmosphere, it’s safe to say something’s going to happen. although i don’t believe the end of the world will be accompanied by horsemen riding across the sky.

this article renews my interest in earth sciences. another career path i should have pursued, were i smarter or at least more dedicated to doing one thing really well.

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