one big joke

by think_likeafox

henry of pelham 2011 chardonnayBrand: Henry of Pelham

Type: Chardonnay

Year: 2011

It has been a strange day. A strange week.

I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge what went down in Newtown,Connecticut this morning, or the knife wielding maniac who attacked 22 children at a pre-school in China. Not to mention the story I read about some super dick bag in Florida who bagged up kittens and left them in his freezer, or the jerk off who robbed an 11 year old boy of his Christmas money at gun point in a Toronto mall.

I don’t know if things seem to get worse around the holidays, or we just notice it more. There are some pretty solid reasons for why people get depressed during Christmas and they may genuinely believe their solutions are to act out in crazy ways… but holy shit, can we not lay off for a bit?

My heart breaks for the families who have lost little ones. I don’t know what that feels like. I don’t support wide availability of firearms or weapons of any kind to people who aren’t law enforcement. Yes, perhaps if the so-called bad guys are armed to the teeth, than so we should have a right to defend ourselves, but if we had never let it get to this point in the first place… of course, that’s all in a perfect world.

And I digress…

You can’t help but notice how, over the course of the day, people who are not even remotely connected to an incident will begin to champion on its behalf. Or those wonder aloud why such a news story is made of this incident while no one hears a peep about similar situations overseas. Or the just plain insensitive folk who try to use it for personal gain. Like these assholes. Whether it was an attempt at humour or just plain ignorance, come on. Poor taste. Let’s use our social media powers for good at not evil, kids, okay?

This evening wasn’t intended to devolve into a morose inner discussion about the state of the world. In fact I had big plans that involved lots of work and perhaps some painting. I picked up a bottle of HoP chardonnay (featuring the pretty new label) as motivation. If I haven’t yet, I’ve just about worked my way through the HoP whites.

It has a nice, pale colouring*, and, what… long legs? I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, and I don’t feel like looking it up. (Tsk, tsk, I know!) Honestly, I can’t notice anything on the nose. It’s (relatively) quiet right now, it’s dark, and I’m trying to concentrate on the aromas, but I can’t separate anything out of the strong scent of the grape itself. Although it’s quiet sweet, and maybe a little oak-y.

It definitely has a very light, aromatic taste, lingering. It’s kind of delicate, and fills your mouth with a honey sweetness. I wonder what the official breakdown says?

Bright and aromatic with flavours ranging from vibrant apple to citrusy grapefruit. True cool climate Chardonnay character.

Well, what do I know? But I guess, now that you mention it, I do notice the grapefruit.

I think I’ll just sit here in the dark and ponder it a little longer.

*The other night at an event there was free wine, one pale, one a much darker yellow… I find the paler wines to be smoother. The darker yellow ones (at least that one) taste like rubbing alcohol tinted with food dye. I suppose that demonstrates my breeding but…