comedy is vain

by think_likeafox

is this excessive - this is excessive

i used to love magazines, but i only buy vanity fair and the spring and summer vogues (because they’re fat and worth it).

i splurged a bit this month and bought all three covers of the vanity fair all-star comedy special issue. each cover had someone on it i wanted… jerry… will and jim… paul and melissa… totally worth it. i’ll read one and then wrap them all in mylar packaging.

also, please enjoy the photo bomb by my curious and hungry ass hole cat, napoleon. i wish my cats were interesting like those interesting meme cats but they’re just sort of boring and plain (and of course, loveable and i love them dearly…)

for good measure, after the jump there’s a photo of angie putting her dirty little cat feet all over the covers.

angie tries to make me love her