who we’ve become

by think_likeafox

Louis Latour Ardeche ChardonnayBrand: Louis Latour (bare with them, the page is archaic)

Type: Chardonnay

Year: 2010

I’m not sure what happened, or even when, but for some strange, sad reason, sauvignon blanc has not been doing it for me lately. Maybe it’s the change in season. It’s not hot and summery outside, so the need for something floral and sweetly refreshing has escaped me. Maybe I’m… (gasp)… growing up.

For at least a year sauv has been my blessed go to. No bottle or brand could do me wrong! And then… and then… all of a sudden, glass after glass, all I could taste were flowers. Not subtle either, but perfume-y, the way earl grey tea is. (I can’t stand Earl Grey tea.) At restaurants, at bars, even here at home, I just keep feeling disappointment.

And so, I’ve decided to expand my reach beyond what I assume now I will simply consider my summer-time wine, to the wonderful, wide world of whatever the hell else is out there.

I never used to like Chardonnay, it was too bitter for me, waxy, if I can recall my first experiences with it. I know, weird terms to apply to wine but, by George I’m a writer and we’re allowed to make strange connections. (Also, you’ve probably seen much, much worse.) But despite those initial reactions, I have to admit my palate, like the rest of me, has grown up considerably. I no longer include such things as Woodbridge White Zinfandel or Arbor Mist in my purchases.

But, seeing as I have become disillusioned with sauv (for the time being) and how I am a huge fan of Maison Louis Latour (maybe because of how simple they are when it comes to branding?), I picked up the Ardèche Chardonnay.

maison louis latour ardeche chardonnay

Yellow-green in colour the Ardèche Chardonnay 2010 has a lovely toasty bouquet. Long and persistent in the mouth, it is well-balanced and lively thanks to its alcoholic richness. Lovely balance.

I really liked this – maybe it was toasty, but I liked how light it was, still crisp, but definitely no flowers. It was almost like a sigh of relief. It would be really easy to finish a bottle of this on your own, that’s how smooth it was. Of course, since my trip home I’ve tried to slow myself down. Do you know that you don’t always get better at drinking? Sometimes you get worse. I got worse.

We tried to do the whole Christmas shopping thing again today. I always go in with the intention of finding the right something for each person, something that goes, “Hey! So-and-so would love this” and then I’ll skip into the sunset with a bag full of perfect presents and I’ll end up being the best friend any and everyone ever had. It never turns out that way, mostly because I end up finding things I NEED as opposed to finding things that someone else would use, let alone like. That was a long way for saying, I bought nothing. For others. For myself I bought a sweater and a tuque. I may have a problem. I have considered shoppers anonymous, if there is such a thing.

Side note: I taught myself how to play Landslide (thanks to YouTube) but then I watched the tutorial again and realised I was doing the bridge all wrong. Why don’t I pay more attention?