by think_likeafox

grilled chicken taco banh mi boys toronto

i ignored my best interests today and had something not gluten-free. was it a mistake? yes. in that i suffered afterwards. but was it worth suffering? yes. because it was delicious.

instead of going to mcdonalds (side note: don’t hate. it’s literally five seconds from my house and i’m incredibly lazy sometimes), we tried a new-ish place i’ve been looking to visit for a while now – banh mi boys, serving vietnamese sammies. in my defence, i stayed away from the huge hoagie and opted for a grilled chicken taco with kimchi, pickled carrots and red cabbage (no cilantro, blech). just the right amount of spicy. i may have eaten it too fast.

honest – i’m glad i waited until the fervour died… people were raving about this place, but i don’t do lines. i don’t have the patience. we waited in line shopping… not a good scene. i *hate* waiting.

but i don’t hate tacos, even if they aren’t the tacos i’m used to. i want another one. like… right now.