tomato, tomato

by think_likeafox

Roma tomatoes - think like a fox

roma tomatoes look more fresh in this picture than in the display at they store. extolls the virtues of buying local.

i’m trying to go gluten- and dairy-free to see if i am allergic to either thing, and also because i want to be that healthy thing, so i made roasted tomato soup (the canned stuff is vile) because it being winter, soup felt appropriate. the recipe calls for cashew paste (homemade) and almond milk, but i saw coconut milk by silk and made an executive decision. it actually turned out not half bad, but we will see how i feel when i sit down to a bowl.

if anybody has any really good gluten- and dairy-free recipe suggestions i am all ears, because so far this has been hard!


roasted tomato soup with cashew cream

soup is made, and it’s one million and a half times better than that shit you get in a can. sometimes at night i look forward to the morning when i can have a coffee. last night i was looking forward to lunch so i could eat this.

if you’re interested, you can find the original recipe here. It’s worth it, even if you aren’t going dairy free. Or trying to be healthy. Or if you don’t like cream soups… get over it.