by think_likeafox

Christmas Chucks #wearsneakers
i’m back, bitches!


i don’t have to be the first to say that the focus of this blog has changed. i barely talk about wine any more, which doesn’t mean i’m not drinking it, because i’m still drinking a lot of it, let me tell you! but there’s just so much else going on that i want to share… it’s actually hard to *have* a focus…

that rambling, run-on sentence over, let’s move on to the fun stuff.

sometimes, once in awhile… i get to cover events for the magazine and those are some of the things that, from time to time, as i have in the past, i plan on sharing. tonight we went to the spring/summer preview for converse.

are you a converse fan? you probably should be, because they’re like, the ubiquitous sneaker. (and, as popular as sneakers are today, the word “sneaker” still attracts that squiggly red line from the spell check…) it might be a hipster thing. i’ve owned it.

what’s new… what’s new… they really don’t bring that much new to the table each season… and why should they have to? they’ve been around long enough they don’t need to worry about advertising, people will wear them on name recognition alone. i would.

marimekko platform chuck

of course… i wouldn’t want any part of this collaboration, which, apparently, is so popular with the “masses” it’s now being carried at the bay. they dropped it in japan two years ago (makes sense…) but this is too hipster douchebag even for me. and i wear plaid. religiously. (ed note: i will probably love these in two months. it’s something i know and hate about myself.)

hawaiian chucks colourway

although this hawaiian themed colourway is pretty much where it’s at. i’m feeling them. i think i would actually pay money for these. you know? like, put down a credit card and eventually pay that bill off. they’re giving me “margaritaville” and i’m all about it. and i would wear this with plaid.

mac and cheese and platform chucks

what’s better… they had open bar and delicious foods… like, fried mozzarella balls and whoopie pies and poutine and mac and cheese! of course there were other things to snack on but i forgot all of them as soon as the girl came around with the mac and cheese and was like do you want one? and i practically dropped everything in my hands on the ground. (i actually did drop everything i had in my hands on the ground at different points during the evening.)

what else did i like? the floral pattern low rise with a brogue feel (for the ladies) and john varvatos always does good things, even though the changes from season to season are subtle (“are they like last season with the leather, zippers, and studds?” “you pretty much nailed it, right there… you don’t even have to look.”)

but even after all that… i still only want black on black.

to the few people who hang around here and actually read the things i say, i want to say thanks for bearing with me, and please continue to do so as i work on my “personal brand”. even saying it in my head sounds awfully pretentious. and awful.