by think_likeafox

come tickle the bump

it has been one hell of a summer.

i got to meet and spend time with some amazing people. i had my picture taken with gerard butler.

i did things i’ve never done before. i stopped saying no, and started to explore.

i walked by myself, and i got into conversations with strangers.

i tried new foods at old restaurants, i tried new restaurants with old foods.

i stayed up late, i went to bed early. i travelled, i stayed home… some days i didn’t even leave my bed (i’m pretty comfortable in my bed).

i went to parties and drank free alcohol, and i listened to free music. i waited in lines, and pushed to the front of crowds.

i learned, and i forgot as much as i remembered.

i won some money, and spent it on frivolous things.

fall is here. i keep telling you how cold it is now. the leaves are turning colours. the country smells like it did when we first started coming, as far back as my memory will take me – probably six years old. crisp, fresh. when snow was new and exciting.

i’m gonna miss summer, but i guess i have enough reasons to look forward to fall…