by think_likeafox


something happened to my hipsta-library and i lost a lot of lenses and a lot of films. fucking iOS change. why can’t you leave well enough alone? whatever so you’re better now but what of what I’ve lost? so long cultivating those useless lenses. I had high hopes once.

what a night. so much time spent being served by waiters who don’t understand service. and that only makes sense if you’ve learned from those European trained (I’m such an elitist). Heslodge is good. Really good, if you don’t mind the taxidermy (I could deal).

But don’t get too drunk and pee in the wrong bathroom, or hipster bartenders will escort you out, even when you’ve got decades on them (and i don’t mean me, I know when to hipster stop).

I promise to share the best of the best soon. Lazy is as lazy does but it’s too good not to post. I like you all too much.