by think_likeafox


Maurice Ravel (1875–1937)

omg it is the end of september, october is almost here, it’s fucking cold outside and i haven’t written a thing in ages!

that’s just awful.

because, like i keep saying, there’s so much to write about! there really is. today, for instance, i visited the henry of pelham winery with a group of friends and it was pretty awesome. yes, sure, there are pictures and stories. more on that later, when i have a moment to decompress. you ever get those headaches that are so bad they make you sick to your stomach? that was me… i think it had something to do with the change in weather. from shorts to fucking sweaters. what the hell, fall!

breaking away from the usual for a moment (because my head still hurts and this piece has been on rotation lately) i decided to go with something a little less pop, something sophisticated. my musical palette is varied, i think it’s important to share that. and also not forget it. i am not the hugest fan of classical music, but when i listen i seem to prefer darker pieces, and those that somehow inspire strength. boléro does that… for me at least. i would listen to this getting ready to do battle, it’s sturdy, buoyant… i feel like i don’t have enough words to convey what this piece means. and that if i talk about it anymore someone is going to point and laugh at my ignorance.

whatevs though. i don’t know anything about wine but here we are, kids. here… we… are…