by think_likeafox


so many parties. so many faces. so many nameless white wines.

this has been my best of tiff – food music people drinks.

apparently this was something special because stars went on stage. i knew i knew them but I didn’t know them well enough and someone said it was secret so i felt great.


and they were amazing. so was the company, and the flamingo straw I’m keeping forever and ever.

I have so many stories to share, from food and wine to last minute celebrity sightings. I haven’t even been covering tiff and I feel like you’re all missing out on what I have had a chance to see, so I’m gonna share! it’s not as much as you think, but it’s more than I’m normally up to.

when I get five minutes to myself, it’s all yours, for now… look up ageless beauty. you’ll love it.