by think_likeafox

whan and cheez - farnese montepulciano d'abruzzo Brand: Farnese (Italy)

Type: Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

Year: 2011

i’m beginning to lose track of days. late mornings turn into long afternoons and all of a sudden i don’t know if it’s thursday or friday or sunday.

there’s always so much to do and so much to see… it’s still summer (thank god) but the weather is changing – sometimes it’s cold sometimes it’s hot. i’m not ready for fall, because inevitably comes winter and i’m tired of the snow.

shopkeepers still have their flowers on the street, brightly coloured petals that bleed dye into the water when you cut the stems. there are dogs everywhere, and after oscar got a hair cut – trimmed right down – he became the life of the party. people think he’s a puppy and love when he stands on his hind legs. he doesn’t do that in the winter, he doesn’t like the salt and he doesn’t like his sweater. i dream of wintering in portugal or spain, maybe cyprus or bali. somewhere hot and exotic with warm sand and aqua ocean. i don’t know if there is anything more relaxing than the sound of surf crashing against the shore.

so as the seasons change and the days begin to get shorter, i’m moving away from my favourite whites. their crisp fruity flavours are just not satisfying, although they remind me of wonderful drunken summer nights barbecuing in the backyard or making friends on a patio somewhere.

a few weeks ago i tried a new wine and i fell in love. it was sweet and perfect in a cold sangria. dark and inviting. montepulciano d’abruzzo. i ran out and bought a couple of bottles for the house. because i am cheap, i bought the farnese (it was like, $7.50 at the lcbo) i really wanted to try the montepulciano cerusolo d’abruzzo because it looks fun, but i think because it’s limited they don’t carry it at all locations. that or i am blind.

they say:

ruby red with garnet reflections, intense and persistent fragrance, fruity (red fruit, prunes and egriot) with vanilla essence. Well-bodied, tannic and well-balanced, rather intense and persistent, ready to drink. Best served with: easy to drink, good with salami, savoury first courses, meat and cheese.

i would have to agree. it’s very easy to drink, with or without a plate of food. i loved the bouquet and the mouth feel, kind of silky and and velvety. but i think most of all i love the colour. i would be happy to wake up to that every day.

a friend shared an anecdote about the d’abruzzo – a hearty italian wine, it’s all she and her friends could find when they were staying in the italian country side and fresh it is absolutely divine. marking that down on my bucket list.