understanding your career interest inventory

by think_likeafox

our family has a tendency to hold on to things. hoarders, you say? no……….

we just keep things. i keep books. my brother keeps movies and video games and computer parts (with good reason). my dad kept everything from our childhood, from those carefully drawn crayon pictures to school work books. my mom keeps… actually my mom is probably the only one who doesn’t hold on to things. she’s probably the reason we haven’t become hoarders. maybe.

wonderful mom is purging today, shredding paperwork. you’d think bills, but apparently she came across my 14-year-old aptitude test.

while i did not enjoy my high school experience and don’t usually try to relive it, i don’t mind looking back at the work produced by the teenage version of me. mostly to see how far i’ve come. (we all do that, right?)

i’m not surprised by the results of this test. at the time  i probably would have dismissed them. now it just makes me smile. by a huge landslide, it suggested i should go into fine arts.

understanding your career interest inventory

your highest interest is in the fine arts area. many workers in this field use special talents to create art and entertain people. talent, personal drive, and experience are often important. many careers in the fine arts require specialized training or a college education, which is what you are planning. people who are in this field tend to have aptitudes like yours, and some of the school subjects and activities you like, such as speech or drama, art, music, acting in a school play, or working on the school newspaper, relate well to this career field. given your interest, aptitudes, and future educational plans, this might be a good career field for you to explore.

i don’t know why i ever thought i could make it in customer service.