meet this meet that

by think_likeafox


I know once I said I don’t like the jackson triggs proprietors selection. I said it was cheap and tasteless, watered down. basically a waste of your time.

ok so I kind of lied. the waste of time was the sauv blanc (you should just never get that grape wrong). this cab sauv is almost totally worth it. and I say that with conviction because I only just started my love affair with red (reg readers will know that I’m a white grape girl at heart) and I haven’t explored enough to know any better.

at a meeting tonight. started with the Chilean cono sur Pinot noir and that, my friends, was fucking brilliant. honestly. sweet and fruity and a perfect sipper. ah. my new love. but this cab sauv is a beautifully lazy follow up. I mean even thinking about it now I can taste how it might be too much of a combination and watered. this is not the wine you bring home to your mom and dad. you don’t marry this or top shelf it. but for a slow evening with friends who aren’t paying attention, by all means. the cheaper magnum is worth it.