brown eyed girl

by think_likeafox


Van Morrison – 1967

One of the things I liked most about this video, other than the great song, was his stage presence. Or seeming lack there of. He’s so fucking unperturbed by the fact that he’s on stage, on camera, an audience of thousands were tuned in. No consideration that 30 years later this song would still be on the radar. He back combed his coif, put on his finest sport coat, got up there on stage and just did his thing. Like Eric Burdon.

I can’t help but wonder what performers are thinking before they jump on stage. You’ve got the Nicki Minaj’s and Katy Perrys of the world, who have as many fancy costumes sewn for them as possible and try to wear them all at once. Then you’ve got artists like Gotye or Keane (my only examples since they’re really the only ones I’ve seen on stage) who come out in a plaid button down and fitted jeans. Kind of like what the guy standing next to you is wearing. When I used to perform, I ironed. I never iron. It makes me wonder things, like… are the flashy get ups supposed to distract us from the fact that the music isn’t that great? Are the most talented musicians more concerned with the music then the bells and whistles, the fanciest labels, the shiniest bling?

This to a weirdly philosophical turn that I wasn’t intending. I guess what I meant to say was… what ever happened to Tuesday and so slow?