favourite things

by think_likeafox


we had a night on the town and it was fun. after the move and having my laptop stolen and falling behind my work… i needed a break. the first stop was… there was the most obscene line and had we not had a connection (i say we because if i said i, i’d be lying, i dot know anyone) we would have waited in it for ten, maybe fifteen minutes and then peaced.

we packed into the car and drove across town. is it weird i like those moments? even though the stop start of night time traffic makes me a little sick…

we found a dark bar and met up with friends and drank surprisingly good red wine for house red. the tunes were good, diverse enough to keep my attention. dance a little, laugh a little, drink a little.

don’t judge me for this. we have all done things we are not proud of. they used really cute jars instead of glasses. and i’ve been looking for some… so… you’re smart people, you can put two and two together. yeah I have considered taking them back but… i love them!

i’m gonna put myself in the corner now…