in good company

by think_likeafox

Brand: Maison Louis Latour

Type: Chardonnay

Year: 2010

Have you ever noticed how sometimes being stressed out can be great? No? That’s because for the most part… it’s not great. Pulling your hair out, gaining (or losing, which, in my case… is not the case…), sleeplessness… Stress really kind of sucks.

But, it can also be rewarding.

Rewind. What?

Yeah. Stress can be rewarding when you know that it’s because of something you’re doing right. Case in point. I now, officially, own a business. Pretty crazy. I can’t even get it together to do the dishes every day and clean the litter boxes regularly, but the government has agreed to give me a business number and I am financially responsible for taking care of myself. So. Stressful. Because there’s a lot of work, and then there’s the whole attracting clients thing.

I’ve been walking around on cloud nine for most of the week. Even though I realised they would literally give a business number to any Tom, Dick, or Harry that had $60 and applied for one. I try not to think about it.

Couple the new business stress with the ever rising costs of my debts and the new move, knowing that I need to get on studying to add more abilities to my repertoire, and all the creative ideas running around in my head, it’s a wonder I can sleep at night. Of course, I don’t sleep that well. (Suggestions? I’m open to them.)

After a long day of mostly pointless wandering (I mailed my brother a present wrapped in bacon paper though, which was… the highlight of the day for the most part) I have come home to work and attempt to relax (impossible) and have been trying to enjoy this Maison Louis Latour chard.

I’m not a chard person. I think I’ve mentioned that before. I’ve always found it to be too strong, off-putting. But, as my only semi-resolution for the year is to try new things, I’m branching out so to speak.

I tried it last night after a slim-jim wanna be and a Mirage chocolate bar. Don’t try it with either of those things. Take my word for it. Okay? (Although, I would like a Mirage bar right now.) I do like it on it’s own though, probably because it’s French (sucker for French wines!). It’s nice and crisp, not too strong. Sort of sweet actually. I even like the delicate nose on it, which belies the fruity flavour, although you do kind of get a hint of it.

The Bourgogne blanc 2010 is pale yellow with green tinges. It is floral on the nose and clean and lively with resin hints on the palate.

I don’t get the floral on the nose. Could just be because I’m so unrefined *cough*. Whatever. It’s a nice break from a routine.

(P.S. Their website is TERRIBLE. Just… awful…)