movin’ on up

by think_likeafox

creekside estate winery sauvignon blanc Brand: Creekside Estate Winery

Type: Sauvignon Blanc

Year: 2010

First and foremost, it makes me sad that I’ve been neglecting the main purpose of this blog, lazily slapping up music videos in hopes you won’t notice. I’m sure you have.

A lot has been going on outside of my wine drinking moments, which, as a result, have sadly been few and far between. To enjoy, that is. There has still been lots of wine in my life. For instance, I just got back (last week) from a vacation back home. It was good times and there was much to be drunk! But as I get on in years the choices I make don’t come as easily anymore, and are always accompanied by countless hours of self doubt and “what ifs”. This goes for past decisions as much as for current. Part of me is considering relocating to the place I know best, with my close friends, my family, sun shine and the promise of stability. The other part is focused on moving forward here, where little fish like me can swim freely in a huge pond. There’s more room for adventure and exploration here, although the transient nature of this fleeting existence is more apparent. An empty wallet, and empty fridge, an empty chequeing account… and the bills keep piling up and up.

Far from spending the rest of the evening depressing you with my “getting older” nonsense… today marked the first realization that we are, in fact, moving. Yes, celebrate! We’re moving on up to the West side, about a 10 minute drive or subway ride from the place I currently let the cats call home. We sat by as prospective renters traipsed through, invading my sanctuary, terrifying the pets, and imagining they’d put the bed against that wall instead of this one to maximize the space they might have to do step aerobics or whatever it is strangers do in their rooms when no one is watching. You might think it’s a little off-putting to be sitting around while others take stock of their potential home, and yes, we may have made them slightly uncomfortable with our presence. But I’m not going to lie. I read too many detective novels and watch too many crime scene shows to feel safe letting people I don’t know wander around my expensive things. They may not be able to make off with the desktop unnoticed by my iPod, laptop or other electronics? Up for grabs. (Aside: walking out of my house this afternoon, I watched, helpless, as a guy across the street from us yanked at a pedal bike that had been chained to the church fence until the lock gave way and he rode it down the street. What do you do in that situation? Surely, my being across the street wouldn’t have stopped him from taking what he wrongfully believed he could – seeing as he obviously didn’t pay for it – but do I risk my personal safety to save a cheap bike that might not even be missed? I’ll never know, but now I’ll always wonder.)

Anyway. I was trying to make a point… nothing makes you realize the solidity of your imminent move like other people perusing your space.

I’m looking forward to this move but, it’s the temporary permanence that makes me hesitate. I don’t like signing contracts because I don’t like to be tied into things. What if I don’t like it, if I’m not happy? Or… what if I decide I want to move back home? I know I didn’t make this decision on a whim, a lot of thought went into it, careful, sometimes anxiety-provoking thought. But it was a simple, little tiny thing that sort of squeezed fingers into the finite cracks of my determination and has me second guessing. But… what if… should I…

While I sit and think some more, I’m sipping on a new brand I’ve never seen before. It’s VQA, obviously a sauv, and quite nice, if I do say so. It’s light and kind of woody to start (at least that’s what I’m getting), sweet in the center, and actually, if I think about it, a little rough at the end. Sort of like some relationships I’ve known, although I will be genuinely sad to see this wine go.

The nose has vibrant aromatics of passion fruit, citrus, and tropical notes, as well as typical cool climate grassy undertones. The palate is crisp and focused with tangy acidity bolstering tropical fruit and citrus flavours.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say the acidity bolsters the citrus flavours but it’s definitely quite crisp and fruity, but not overpoweringly so. I also don’t really get the tropical notes in the nose, but the grassy undertones are almost unmistakable.

A little something extra and totally unexpected: I’m too lazy to make dinner at the moment, so I’m snacking on some cinnamon-flavoured gluten free crackers and sweet potato hummus. Yes. It’s a strange combination (and kind of up-at-the-nose, if you’ll forgive me) but all three are pretty complimentary. To me, anyway… But I guess I’m saying this goes pretty well with sweets, so you might want to try that sometime.