the liebster blog award

by think_likeafox

To quote a teary, excited Sally Field… “You like me, you really like me!”

Wait. Is that exactly what she said? It’s been so long it’s likely to have been tweaked along the way. Google, here I come!

Back. Gidget really did say that. (I hope knowing her as Gidget doesn’t age me…)

Where was I? Oh! The Liebster Blog Award! Whanandcheez has been nominated by fellow wine lover and purveyor of words – Friday Night Wine Time. (He loves the name *bashful*. So, many thanks for putting us up! If it were Friday, I’d raise a toast, but since it’s Monday… I’ll raise half a toast!) Don’t know him? Well, here he is in brief:

“I don’t want to be a wine snob, but I hope that by writing about it and going out and searching out interesting stuff to drink, my Friday night bottle of plonk might be even better.”

That’s basically it in a nut shell, with a few funny anecdotes thrown in for good measure (like… the perfect pairing of Chablis and a Sunday morning lover’s brunch. (I don’t know what that is, I just liked the name) (These parenthesis are getting out of hand)). I read Wine Time with an accent which can be all consuming at times. It’s like I turn into Madonna or Nicki Minaj for five minutes. It’s terrifically enjoyable for me. Not so much for the friends who have to suffer through it.

In what I hope will become an endless cycle of internet theft (the kind Hollywood can’t shut us down over), here’s a little bit about the Liebster Award:

This award is about promoting smaller blogs with less than 200 followers, which you think deserves special recognition. There are a few simple rules to follow.

In order to accept the award, the recipient will:

Thank the person who gave you the award, and link back to that person’s blog

Copy and paste the award to your blog

Choose FIVE more blogs to award, and let the writers know by leaving a comment.

Now, it pains me to admit that I don’t have time to read as many blogs as I’d like to. I don’t read enough news either. Or good fiction. Or bad fiction…. But with out any further dudes… here are my top 5 favourite bloggity blogs. I hope you will enjoy them too.

Red Wine Revelations – did you realize poetry is something that can be lived and breathed? She is an example of this, and I should know because I’ve seen her walking, talking, breathing, smoking poetry in the flesh. Wonderful words with no aftertaste.

Frequency Horizon – just uproot your life and listen to the call of the wind. That’s what he did. A digital nomad if ever I met one. A sweet guy. A talented writer. Take it, make it, mold it. You need him as a friend.

AstrxTrips. – he is an unapologetic bear and an avid traveler. I could spend hours listening to him talk about his adventures globe trotting – from discos in Mexico to hotel suites in Paris, I envy and enjoy him. Tell me more!

Live For Makeup – I’ve always admired talent in people, and she continues to wow me with her prowess. Whether it’s inappropriately busting a move or doing what she’s obviously amazing at, I must say, I bow down on the regular. Bow-chicka!

**I know I’m supposed to post five, but most of the blogs I enjoy have many more followers, so as soon as I come across them I’ll add them. I PROMISE. But I wanted to make sure to share this before I forgot to share it… if that makes sense?**