life gets in the way

by think_likeafox

You know, you can never take back the not showing ups or not being there’s. You have to hold onto that forever.

Because life gets in the way, right? There’s a lot going on and you should have could have would have, but to be honest, for whatever reason you just didn’t. There’s nothing you can do but grieve.

We always say this time. This time I’ll do it right, this time I’ll change, you’ll see. It’s carpe diem, seize the goddamn day, no regrets. Do you do it, though? Does anything actually change? For the most part, no. Because – and lets say it together now – life gets in the way.

Can’t leave it up to someone else, not their responsibility. Can’t wait for the next time, because what happens when there is no next time? Life got in the way and you passed up that chance to show up, to be there.

Sometimes a drink is just a drink. Sometimes it’s more than that. Sometimes it’s a chance to catch up, to bond, to prove to someone you actually care and that they make/made an impact on your existence. It’s actions, right, that they say speak louder than words.

Life has gotten in the way so many, too many times. And I’m the only one it keeps up at night. Must stop bailing. Must start showing up. Must start being there.

This post is dedicated to the memory of my cousin, Sean Pitcher – a real Mohawk, a real St David’s Islander. We’ll get that drink someday. And this time, I mean it.