another year wiser

by think_likeafox

Brand: Alto los Romeros (?)

Type: Sauvignon Blanc

Year: ??

Tonight’s wine courtesy of Utopia 

One of the good things about sharing a birthday so close to your best friend is that you get all that business out of the way at the same time. And since we get it out of the way in January, we’re pretty much scot-free (all of a sudden I started thinking, where the hell did that word come from, so I looked it up – I linked it because the article is from 1998. Holy crap, I know right?)  for the rest of the year. We don’t celebrate much anymore, because, as I mentioned in my last birthday themed post, what’s the fucking point anymore? Maybe one day when we have kids and shit it will be a big deal but for now? Dinner and an unwrapped gift are pretty much all the effort you’re going to get.

Come on we’re lazy busy people. There’s other stuff in the world besides birthdays…

There’s a few restuarants we always talk about going to. We went to the Roxton for my birthday. I enjoyed it. So we went to Utopia for hers. They have these shrimp nachos that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Usually there’s a line up outside, so we went early because no one wants to wait outside in sub degree weather for anything. Walked right in and straight to the back (I wouldn’t have minded sitting at the front of the house – was a really cute chef in plaid with a toque I could have tried my hand at making eyes at).

I like this place because the food is good (think, burgers and burritos that aren’t all Tex-Mex and bar-b-que sauce) and so far the staff hasn’t made me feel like I’m out of place. One time we went in this dude was so trashed he slammed past the bar and almost took a table with everything on it with him. Funny.

We had baked brie in phylo pastry with a raspberry coulis for dippin’ to start. I will never have a bad word to say about brie, okay? Just. Don’t. Don’t even try. For the main I had a grilled salmon burrito with goat cheese and some other stuff jammed in there. They serve it with a heaping helping of peas and rice (sadly, nothing like what my mom makes) and salad. I barely made a dent in that, because by that time I was two glasses in and feeling pretty toasty.

I do remember, other than really enjoying that salmon burrito, the wine I picked did not match the food, AT ALL. And remarking, “I really need to start paying attention to my pairings.” Because I’m ruining perfectly good meals by picking a wine site unseen. It’s just… at the beginning of the meal I’m never considering that I’ll nurse a glass til the food comes, or that what I’m having might clash. While the burrito was a fine flavor on its own, the wine just sort of… made it kind of blah and gross. Terribly disappointing, and no one to blame but myself. Shame on me!

On it’s own though, sans goat cheese after taste, it was a pretty good wine. Nice and light, just how I like them. I was perturbed by the coloring – it looked pee-yellow (sorry, I’m just being frank), but it may have been a dingy glass. No harm done! Just remember, don’t pair with anything sharp or you’ll ruin one or the other for yourself.

After dinner we kicked the wine altogether and went straight for a martini bar where on top of my two glasses of sauv I heaped a Spanish Fly martini  (rum, blue Curacao, Malibu, and pineapple juice) because I like blue drinks, a Noah’s Ark (vodka, blue Curacao, and grape juice) because purple is a logical step after blue, and a Movie Star (vodka, triple sec, and lime juice) because I was trying to drink all the colors of the rainbow.

The fact that I barely had a hangover the next day is a testament to my constitution if anything else. Right?