by think_likeafox


Heart – 1987

1) It’s really pretty fascinating how the mind works. Not that I necessarily want to divulge that much information, but I *am* sitting here… alone

2) I was three years old when this song came out. I remember… strangely… listening to it in the back of my parents silver Isuzu Gemini. The smell of the leather, how it felt when it was hot. The little plastic reservoirs that folded back into the door handle for cigarette ash (no one in our family smoked, took me a long time to realize what those were for). How many times my mom threatened to stop the car and make my brother and I walk home. It didn’t have seat belts in the back and the fan belt made a horrible, embarrassing squeal at the end there, but I was still sort of nostalgic when they traded up for a Yaris. Silly.