too much birthday

by think_likeafox

Brand: Valle Dorado (?)

Type: Sauvignon Blanc

Year: 2011

Tonight’s wine courtesy of The Roxton


For so many years of your life you look forward to them. Parties, friends, streamers, heaps of wrapped presents, a fancy cake, everyone singing. It’s an event (!) an occasion (!) a reason to celebrate (!) And then you become an adult and all of a sudden that f*cking birthday is a reason to hide under your covers and avoid the world. You start lying to people about your age and avoiding forms that ask what year you were born.

I’m terrified of getting older. The implications of being an adult. Of paying your own bills and buying your own groceries. Of cleaning up after yourself and if you’re lucky enough, getting a married and cleaning up after him. Then birthing out babies and cleaning up after them. (I don’t 100 per cent believe that having babies is all about cleaning up after them.)

I try not to think about it. (I think about it all the time.)

There were no parties, no streamers, no wrapped presents. That’s okay. We get older, it’s inevitable.

Instead, tonight we went to a restaurant down the street. I’ve been there before – once – and, despite the almost insufferable hipster vibe… it was pleasant. There’s some child’s art on the wall, the lighting is terrible and there’s no sign outside. The waiter barely acknowledges you when you speak and you feel like if you don’t hurry up and order he’s going to forget you exist. It comes with the territory.

I ordered the Chilean sauv because 1) it was one of the cheapest wines on the menu and 2) I really do have a soft spot for Chilean savus. I’ve never heard of Valle Dorado (on the menu, it wasn’t even spelled with an ‘e’), but I think, Chile = good so I’ll get it anyway.  It was quite nice, very light and dry. Perfect for sipping. I would say, had I considered my meal choice before hand (which is something I actually never do… I need to start going to those restaurants where they recommend for you) I would have gone with something heavier.

We started with the Caprese grilled flatbread – the parmesean was a nice sharp change from mellow mozzarella – and the Roxton burger with brie – beef is always a red wine companion. The food was good, but the menu is, I find, slightly pretentious. Again, it comes with the territory. Oxtails with dark chocolate? Braise that shiz and call it a day. I don’t want to have to take a course in understanding my food before I eat it.

Singularly though, I’d recommend the wine. A quiet setting, good music and better conversation? That’s the best way to enjoy a glass.