listen to the music

by think_likeafox

Sibling Rivalry White |

Brand: Sibling Rivalry

Type: Reisling/Chardonnay/Gewürztraminer or “White”

Year: 2010

Today is the first day of the 365 that make up 2012. People have been saying goodbye to 2011 for days (I wonder if that makes 2011 sad? It would give me a complex.) and wishing/hoping/dreaming all kinds of things different for the road ahead.

I realized I’m in the same place I was 365 days ago. How fun is that? It’s not… really… considering I had my own resolutions and wishes/hopes/dreams for the 365 days that just past. How many people are thinking the same thing this morning? Nursing hangovers and wondering what they did last night.

I know what I did. Got caught up in the stampede of revelers trying to make it to Nathan Phillips Square for 12. (I think I was smashed between two guys when people started screaming and fireworks went off.) Got tipsy at a friend’s party. I really wanted to be anti-social and not do anything, but it was probably this way. Don’t want to start 2012 a hermit, do I?

I’ve been talking about Henry of Pelham a lot lately. A little expensive, but worth it. (Also, an Ontario wine. Go local!) I’ve done the pinot grigio, the Cuvee Catherine brut. And I am adding their younger label, Sibling Rivalry, to that list.

“Sibling Rivalry is greater than the sum of its parts; a blend of the passion, personalities and knowledge of the three Speck brothers from Henry of Pelham… and a little rock, paper, scissors.”

So, they take three different grapes and blend them to create something wonderful. I’ve only tried the white so far. But I like it a lot, and I’m not usually into combos. It’s probably because my palette isn’t “refined” enough yet and I can’t differentiate the grapes. But that’s not the point, right? The point is to enjoy.

I guess I’d say it’s the reisling and Gewürztraminer that make the flavor on this sweet. It’s a little fruity, too. And very full, with a great after taste. Goes well with cheap cheese and Ritz crackers (my NYE dinner of choice).

Bright, white and out of sight; the triumvirate of Riesling, Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer. Long names and hard to pronounce, so we call this wine ‘White’. Not just another single varietal wine — why choose one grape when you can have three? Think lime citrus and apple freshness with a dash of lychee fruit, in that order. As someone said at a recent event, “tastes like a sun-vacation”.

A toast? To second chances. To today, to tomorrow, to 2012. Let it be easier. Take everything in stride. Make a resolution and listen to the music.


Doobie Brothers – 1972