raise your glass

by think_likeafox

henry of pelham cuvee cathrine

Brand: Henry of Pelham

Type: Rose Brut

Year: ??

Tonight was an amazing night. I wish 2011 had been filled with nights like these. I’m warning you now, things might be seen through rose colored glasses for the rest of this post.

I didn’t get drunk or high, didn’t pick up some random dude or even have a heartfelt one on one with some stranger I met at a bar. Didn’t fantasize during our conversation that he’d be my life mate and together we’d raise four great kids as we traveled around the world, writing and teaching and exploring. Didn’t realize how fucking creepy I really am and hope that he wouldn’t ever ask me what I was thinking that first time we met.

No. What happened? A culmination of years trying hard at something and all this time thinking I’ve got a total doucher for an imagination, but “Hey, you’re not a doucher.”

So…uh. Yeah. Gratification or something. But I think I’ll always be afraid I’m not good enough. I think… (I think a lot) if ever I’m not afraid, I should stop. Because when I’m not second guessing myself, I’m not in a place to learn. God these lessons just sort of sneak up and slap you in the face, don’t they?

Don’t tell my parents, okay? Because I’ll never live that down.

To celebrate this night. the end of 2011, to celebrate finding shared interests and bringing together a group of people that somehow just *click*, we popped the cork on a bottle of Rose Brut  by Henry of Pelham. We talked about our what we’ll be doing for the holidays, about family, about friends. About parties and children, past and future. I love to listen when they talk – they’re such an eclectic collection of memories and stories that I can’t help but sit their rapt, soaking in their experiences. I sound romantic tonight, but I always indulge my flowery side after an evening of intelligent, creative discussion. I always feel invigorated when I leave, smarter somehow, for having sat near them.

The Cuvee Catherine is really a beautiful bubbly – and I don’t just say it because I have a personal affinity for the brand. I mean really, if you have the chance to pick it up, I suggest you do so. I’m sending a bottle home with my parents to ring in the New Year. An hour (and some pork dumplings on the subway) later and I can still  taste it. Like a breath of fresh air. Nothing like the Astis of the world. We picked up another brand the other night to toast a friend’s leaving but it was so unappealing it wasn’t worth mentioning in a post (so I didn’t). But I could literally dine out on the compliments I have for this wine.

I’m not even going to try to sully the flavor by dissecting it for you, because – really – what do I know? Not a whole lot, and I really don’t want to ruin your first impressions. But the description is too apt not to share.

Named in memory of Henry’s wife, widow and family matriarch, Catharine Smith. Clonal selection and the
use of traditional grape varieties (Chardonnay & Pinot Noir) makes this wine a modern Niagara expression of
a time honoured wine style. The secondary fermentation is done in bottle and each wine is aged for
approximately 24+ months on the lees before disgorging

A special treat for us, we got to learn just how this type of bubbly is made. I think I’ll spare you the details, if only because I want to be selfish with these nuggets of information I’m literally storing away like treasures. Maybe some other time from some other teacher, but tonight it was as if I were transported to 14 again, when my parents dragged a then totally uninterested me to a few vineyard tours in the Champagne district of France. I wasn’t raised in a wine-appreciating culture – when my own glass of champagne was sat before me, we joked. A 14 year old drink wine? Haha! It is to laugh.

Tonight we raised our glasses to each other, new friendships and another year. For once I’m looking forward instead of back.