a monumental occasion

by think_likeafox

Something big was supposed to happen tonight. But I got distracted by other things and a fruity red wine. The most heart-pounding moment? When I almost knocked it over onto my cream curtains and white couch. 

There was a tasting at the Wine Rack.

“Red, or white?”


“I’ll go get the white…”

I’ve seen Strut. I’ve been cautious. Anything with lady legs on the front can’t take itself to seriously. And it doesn’t.

White was up first – Well Heeled. A combo Reisling-Gewürztraminer. Sugar level 2. I was impressed. Individually, they’re very sweet wines. I stay away from those. But this was light and kind of fresh. I’ll buy it sometime.

The red was Cab Couture – combo cabernet-merlot. Not impressed.

“Nope. I don’t like it.”

“That’s why we try, to see what we like and what we don’t.”

“Yah… I don’t like it. I’ll finish it… but I don’t like it.”

I ended up taking a red home – Naked Grape Malbec Shiraz. “I want something I won’t chug.” Why do people laugh when I say that?