how do you write?

by think_likeafox

Jackson Triggs Sauv Blanc Brand: Jackson Triggs (Niagra)

Type: Sauvingon Blanc

Year: ??

For a wine blog, I haven’t talked about wine in awhile.

There’s been a lot going on. Like, work. And procrastinating from doing work that I’m supposed to be doing. And going out. And family visiting. Which has been lots of fun.

Also, outside pursuits. Trying to be creative. Stuff like that.

I was trying to get some work done tonight, so I sauntered up the street to get my hands on a new bottle of something interesting. I’ve had several different ones the last few weeks that I really want to talk about, especially the Henry of Pelham (for really cool reasons), but I grabbed this one the other week on my way to a party 1) becasue it was cheap cold 2) because it’s a Jackson Triggs sauv and I know those, sometimes you don’t want to explore.

I find it’s a lot easier for me to stop paying attention to the background noise and really focus on the story when I have a glass of something in my hand. It’s not altogether unheard of. But…instead of writing, I’ve been watching Futurama. And sipping.

First of all… there’s no year on this thing. Apparently “Proprietors Selection” means it’s too new to embarrass the vineyard by slapping a date on the label. (You know what? I don’t know. But that irritated me.) Second. When you don’t want to get drunk, make a spritzer. Just don’t make a spritzer with this because the Perrier is over powering. Can’t taste the grapes.

It’s supposed to be (and as always we quote):

“…crisp with notes of refreshing lemon, lime and tangerine.”

I didn’t notice that. I got more alcohol than anything fruity and fancy. You never want to expect much from a wine that’s less than $10 (who are you?) but I expect a leetle more from JT. However, going back to the “no date” thing… I really should have known.

They suggest you pair it with turkey, or a mixed green salad with goat cheese. I’d say turkey as long as you’ve got a heaping helping of cranberry, and def-o on the goat cheese, because those flavours are strong enough to carry out whatever notes might be hidden in this wine. I paired it with egg salad. Should you? No, don’t put yourself through it. It’s just not worth it.

But if you’re just looking for something you can sip on without paying attention to, this is an easy fave. I mentioned the fact that it’s less than $10, and it doesn’t taste like gasoline or rubbing alcohol, which is a bonus in and of itself.