wendy macnaughton

by think_likeafox

bolinas wine maker

Honestly? There are few things in life that give me as much pleasure as a perfectly poured, full bodied glass of wine. Shopping is one of them (they are equally addictive in their instant gratification and their inevitable hangovers), so is producing the perfect paragraph (such a treat!), and wonderful watercolour art – regardless the topic but more so if it’s vino-centric – ranks up there among the top few. Artist Wendy MacNaughton has a column called “Meanwhile…” for The Rumpus where she eschews traditional interview techniques (you know, like boring, wordy q&as?) for a more unique approach – she takes the interviews and morphs them into watercolor vignettes. So she makes me love her style, and this interview with “The Bolinas Winemaker”, Sean Thackery. Please read it, and love her like I do.