left work early…

by think_likeafox

Farnese RoseBrand
: Farnese (Italy)

Type Montepulciano D’Abruzzo Cerasuolo (Rosé)

Year: 2010

And that calls for a celebration toast!

Not that I hate my job. In fact, since I got back into the “swing of things” with a more conventional job and got to drop the cash shifts at [insert nationwide awful retail establishment name here], things have been looking on the up and up. I actually don’t mind crawling out of my bed at around 7 30 8 15 and sprinting out the door at 8 45 (ish) to make work. Why?

Check this out:

I no longer have to worry about getting home early on a Saturday because I don’t have to be lucid until Monday morning

I can – and often do – drink Starbucks without the guilty feeling

I will be officially homeless as of December 1st unless I get a move on apartment hunting (it’s a good thing…)

Welcome this little girl into the land of adulthood. Hello, fiscal responsibility! Good bye, childhood hopes and dreams!

(And this would be why we drink…)

Let’s talk about this triple moniker-ed Italian rose. If I were to order my favourite wines, rose would be in the center. Not Zinfandel – they’ve got their own appeal, but they’re a bit too sweet for anything but a special occassion. This Cerasuolo I’ve never heard of before, nor have I heard of Farnese. But the fact that it was less than $9 was enough for me to consider giving it a try. (Ed note: the only time I ever give into the impulse buys stores stack strategically around the cash register is at the LCBO. What does that say about me?)

It’s definitely sweet, but not in an obnoxious way. I kind of taste apples (cider-y) and mixed berries, like a fragrant jam, but there’s that subtle undertone of a heavier red grape right at the end.

The site description claims…

Bright pink cherry, intense and persistent aroma, fruity with small red fruit scent (strawberry). Medium-bodied, balanced, intense and with a great persistence. We suggest to drink it young.

That “drinking it young” part is a little creepy, right? But when it comes to this wine, I have to admit yes, the fresher the better. It’ll get too heavy and that fruity quality will be more syrupy than pleasant. But wtf do I know? Try it yourself and tell me what you think. It’s seasonal, so enjoy it while supplies last (don’t say I didn’t warn you).

(Find it at the LCBO)