toronto’s nuit blanche

by think_likeafox

The weather changed today. You know what that means? It’s October. It’s Canadian Thanksgiving. It’s Halloween. And it’s Scotiabank’s version of Nuit Blanche. (The original concept started in Paris in 1984 – that was a great vintage year.)

I’m not a fan – I’ve been a few times and while I’m a purist avid art enthusiast, I dunno, I just don’t enjoy it. Whatevs. We still hit up a few events, mostly because if you live here, you can’t *not* go, or you’ll be left out of the water cooler reminiscing on Monday.

First up, a friend of mine finally opened up a gallery – The Tethered Imp – on McCaul.

I’m lucky enough to have an original hanging out in my apartment. It’s not for sale. 😐

Next, OCAD (directly across the street). Their collective exhibit was Future Forward, or Forward Future.. or something. A headless mannequin that simulated the sounds of a female moaning, a blushing mannequin and a skirt filled with floating confetti. A series of projections depicting a bleak, eco-wasted future. A weird, sketched ritualistic scene with projected auras.

Last… the AGO (also, directly across the street – detect a pattern?). Paul Butler hosted “The Other Painting Competition“, a 12-hour painting competition where artists painted to live music and the crowd could vote on their favourites. We got their pretty early on, there weren’t many pieces to judge but style and ability were pretty clear from what we did see, and I managed to vote… twice.

But the highlight of the evening for me? The mini wine bottle. I think it’s the best thing to ever happen to me. That says a lot.

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