when it rains…

by think_likeafox

Brand: Georges DuBoeuf (France)

Type: Beaujolais

Year: 2009

You ever find that with the change in weather comes a change in mood? It was sunny-ish when I left the basement this morning. Enough that I wore my denim jacket and a scarf. But come time to head home this afternoon… where were you then, sun? A nice lady I’ve never met (or seen) offered me the umbrella she keeps in her car. I politely demurred (that’s what you’re supposed to do right?) and stood in the spitting rain while people warm and dry in their cars starred as they passed. Have you never seen someone waiting for the bus, Toronto?

Regardless. There’s much to be done this evening, and feeling slightly chilled and morose – thanks to the grey evening with its threat of winter – instead of my usual white I opted for a heartier red. Not something quite as pungeant as a Cabernet, a Pinot, or a Merlot… just something simple with a more floral bouquet (you like when I toss around big words, admit it).

From the dinner table of my father, a sweet Beaujolais by Georges Duboeuf, a lovely French red in an equally artistic bottle – the one with the pretty poppies and flowers on the label. It has an elegant flavor; the meat of a full bodied red but without that characteristic heavy, lingering punch. A nice transitional wine… from summer to autumn. Don’t forget the humid evenings but look forward to thick woolen sweaters and hot cocoa by the fire.

“A cherry red colour with purplish tints. Very aromatic red berry nose (strawberries and ripe cherries)” 

Yeah, that’s about right. What do I know? I’m no expert. But I get it.

Honestly, I like a good rain storm as much as the next gal, but I’d much rather be stationed on a beach under the hot tropical sun with something cold and fruity (oh you could go so many places with that) sitting beside me and the smell of coconut lotion and high SPF sunscreen filling the air. Nothing like a pink sand beach to bring the happy out in anyone. But this Beaujolais is definitely trying.