the best party we never went to

by think_likeafox

It’s TIFF time in Toronto. There’s lots of things going on in the city. Movies, parties, red carpets, and lots of… ohemgeecelebritiesicantbelieveitsbrangelinaandryangosling-andthefatguyfromthesporanos.

I didn’t get on the TIFF train – I love movies, especially good ones *.* – but buying tickets and standing in lines just smacks of effort I’m not willing to expend. I have to wake up and be pleasant every morning. Isn’t that enough?

Anyway. TIFF doesn’t stop the world from turning entirely, but pretty much everything happening around this time of year is film fest related or you risk a lot of no shows. We were invited to an event Thursday eve  that was, and I quote, “Uhh. Single release…and performance” for some band I’d never heard of. I assumed it was another, sure whatever, show face, knock back a few drinks and call it a night situations.

Have I ever been wrong(er) in my life?

The line was so ridiculous, after about 10 or 15 mins of standing around wondering where the line started (or ended, for that matter…), being my generally sunshine and farts self, and contemplating on whether someone would confiscate my little camera if I started taking pictures (I don’t look or act like paparazzi, and no one in that line was worth the jail time) some guy with a shiny head and secret service ear piece announced the rooftop was closed, the wait is an hour. Feel free to get an expensive drink at the bar but next time, get off the BPT and get here on time.

“We’ve been TIFF’d.” Yes, sir. You are correct. These ladies put on their most ironic outfits and highest  shoes to stand in line and be told, “You ain’t gotta go home, but you ain’t gettin in here.”

After all that nonsense, we did end up getting to chill with the band, sans fards (no, they weren’t wearing makeup on stage, I just like saying sans fards; really a handful of people ended up at my bosses and they happened to be among them – true story).

We didn’t end up bringing Thursday’s back (I wasn’t aware they’d gone anywhere… but sometimes you just let it happen) and ended up with a drunky mcdrunkerson aggressively professing his undying love for any and everyone he could get his hands on (Drunky: “He’s the greatest. Isn’t he great? He’s just so awesome.” Everyone: *collective eye roll*)… and we were home by 12.

That’s why THAT was the best party we never went to. 6 the best party