it’s a white night

by think_likeafox

cdd sauv blanc 2010Brand: Casillero Del Diablo (Chile)

Type: Sauvignon Blanc

Year: 2010

Wine is best enjoyed in company of good friends, but that never stops most people from enjoying a solitary glass in the evening to wind down after a long day of doing nothing working hard.

I enjoy a solitary glass (or three) while I work on my many projects. This is probably just me lying to myself, but I feel like I can be more creative and free with a glass of vino at hand.

This evening? Contra. With a new full-time job outside of the house, I don’t have the time to devote to posting that I used to. Do I miss it? Yes. It’s my chance to be sneakily snarky and creative, and to find amazing things online.

To accompany my evening of blog/news trolling, a tasty Sauv (a personal grape fave) from Chile. I didn’t know anything about Chilean wine until a good friend of mine came back from a month’s long sojourn to Argentina. She raved about the beef (I heard the phrase, “Best I ever had!” several times) and the people, but mostly, she talked about the wine. Admittedly – because I’m an idiot and for the most part, trust everything she says – I ran out and picked up the first bottle of Chilean wine I saw. I have not looked back.

After all these years, I can’t remember what the hell brand she talked about. Now that I live where the wine selection is as plentiful and bountiful as the dollar store (those places carry EVERYTHING), I have my pick. So, since I couldn’t find my favourite (we’ll talk about that one later) I picked up the CAsillero Del Diablo. I’ve done their reds and am always impressed. I assumed the sauv would be just as satisfying.

Not a sweet grape, I like the crisp, cleansing taste of a sauv blancs – and true to that, the CDD is robust with a fruity finish. Easy to sip on (ed note: usually I drink wine a little too fast…on purpose). What else can I say? It greased the wheels and I got 5 posts scheduled for tomorrow.